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Our affiliate program has been designed to give back to the community that supports each other. 

As we created new educational products and offer monthly coaching subscription plans, we knew we wanted to help photographers in more ways than one. The users of our products are learning the invaluable secrets they need to run an impactful business.

As an affiliate, you can share our paid resources with your friends and peers, and get rewarded with cash in the process.

We formed Shoot and Thrive to be a go-to resource for education that photographers can trust. 

Why Shoot and Thrive?

Program Benefits




Earn a 15% base commission on all products sold using your unique affiliate referral link. Our Average Affiliate earns $60 or more per sale.

Increased commissions rates available as you sell more products and when you purchase specific products of ours to refer. Contact us for more information.

Refer your friends and peers to a trusted source of education for creative and photography businesses, and get rewarded.

As a Shoot and Thrive Affiliate, you become a trusted ambassador of our brand and product suite. You can share your recommendations to friends and peers for our products and services, and earn a commission for each qualified sale.

Frequently asked questions

There is no limit to how much you can earn with us. 

The base commission is 5% of the total sale. So a $400 product will result in you receiving $20. If you get refer 20 people, you'll make $400!

We pay our affiliates when they reach a minimum payout threshold of $100 and after 60 days from us receiving the purchase order from your referral.

In the event a customer requests a refund within 30 days, your affiliate commission will be voided.

your questions answered

Yes. When you enroll in the Shoot and Thrive Affiliate program, you will have access to an affiliate user portal where you can view your unique affiliate links and receive data on sales, payouts, and more. 

Additionally, you can configure your settings to receive an email notification every time someone makes a purchase using your unique link.

There is no one-size fits all but a few things we suggest:

- Share our products with your friends and peers
- Refer to our products in social media groups when relevant
- Create blog content on your website and refer to our products
- Create Instagram/TikTok reels talking about our products

Please contact us directly to discuss additional affiliate opportunities including higher commission rates, special offers, and more. 

We offer unique affiliate rates for current customers and relevant photography educators and product owners that have an overlapping demographic with our own.

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