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Creative Business Coaching

At our core, we are dedicated to equipping photographers with education and resources to elevate their businesses.

Our mission is to empower you to not only secure the bookings you desire but to do so with confidence and clarity.

When it comes to coaching, we offer 1:1 engagements on an hourly basis. During these calls, we will meet and review questions you have in depth.

Currently, we have coaching calls available with Marshall or Chris, who both have specialty areas and can help you succeed. 

We are both experienced business owners and photographers, and have created consistent and lasting businesses of our own. Our goal will be to transfer the knowledge you need to gain an upper hand as you continue to operate your business.

With our dedicated coaching service, we can help you as a photographer and creative business owner get the insights you need to make improvements today!

"...Almost overnight, I started getting inquiries on a regular basis..."

“If you're a photographer looking to get more website traffic, they're the best for it!"

“I've learned so much already, and I've only scratched the surface with their coaching support”

- Nate D.

- Ryan R.

- Mark F.

"If you're a photographer looking to get more website traffic, they're the best for it!"

"...Almost overnight, I started getting inquiries on a regular basis..."

"I've learned so much already, and I've only scratched the surface with their coaching support"

Ryan R.

- Nate D.

- Mark F.

As active photographers, we are incredibly well versed in this industry. Our experiences are diverse with both serving clients and managing things behind the scenes.

Throughout our team, our areas of expertise, personalities, photography styles and clientele are also a little different - which helps us craft solutions that include more perspective than most educators.

Industry experience

How we can get you results

A major area of focus for us as photographers who run businesses is executing our sales strategies to reach the financial goals we set for ourselves. 

We help photographers improve their lead quantity and quality, get more consults, and book more events that they want to be a part of. 

We can help you make sales more enjoyable and, dare we say, fun!

Expert sales strategy

We can help guide you to be more critical of your photography portfolio - so you are showcasing work that reflects your brand and the clients you want to book. 

While your portfolio will always be uniquely yours, we're able to help you identify objective characteristics that can help you make better portfolio showcases.

Portfolio Review

While business (and especially photography businesses) is something we love, one of the main reasons we got into photography in the first place is because we are creative, artistically minded people - just like you. 

As creatives, business can be a struggle since it doesn't always come naturally. When you work with us, we make learning business accessible and fun. Yes, even the education on taxes.

Creatives at heart

We hold a strong belief that photography businesses are not too different than most other service based businesses. However, that doesn't mean there aren't unique opportunities and things to consider. 

We can help you uncover these unique things that come from many years of experience getting clients to find us. 

Unique Marketing Solutions

While many conversations by wedding photographers will often get into your photography style, composition, and other related things - our goal is to help you create a lasting business. 

As a result, our focus is on letting you be the creative artist you are - no matter what your approach to photography is. 

No Judgment zone

Images seen in this section are by our team through their respective photography businesses

Work hands on with our team to get success in your business

1:1 Business Coaching

Our approach to business coaching is different than most.

When you purchase 1:1 business coaching, we begin by onboarding you as a new client with a questionnaire, then assign a coach (either Marshall or Chris) depending on your specific needs.

Coaching can be purchased as a one off call or in bundles based on our hourly rate. 

If you're unsure if coaching is right for you, you can schedule a free, no obligation Discovery Call to learn more.

what to expect

Coaching Calls

Use the Buy Links on this page to start the process.

If you need holistic help with your business, we do recommend purchasing a Business Audit (which includes a detailed report and coaching call) for the best starting point.

Prior to your call, you will be requested to submit a questionnaire so we can get an overview of your business and problem areas. We will refer to this information to help shape your call.

We will meet with you at the time you have selected.  

During this call, we will want to learn more about you, your business goals, and offer insights to help you make clear improvements in your business.

After your call, we will share a summary of what we discussed and an action plan for you to have next steps laid out. 

At the end of your call, we will review some solutions to help you get the ongoing support you need to fix those problem areas.

We may recommend our coaching services, online courses, or other helpful resources.

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Schedule a quick call to chat with us to learn more about how we can help you. Our experienced team is ready to help you solve the current problems in your business so you can achieve steady growth well into the future!

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