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Inquiry to Consult Course

You’re getting ghosted all the time

You send follow ups, only to never hear back

You’re not booking what you need to make ends meet

You want more financial security that can come from booking more gigs

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let Us know if you can relate...

We can teach you proven process for securing more responses and consults with inquiring clients

Our course has been designed to share the secrets of getting more responses from those people who seemed really interested in you when they first reached out. In it, we teach about several different emails you should be sending, how to follow up, and even how to offboard perpetual non-responders. 

By following our guidance, you can create more effective emails and get more results for your own business. 

We teach you the foundations of a good email when responding to a new potential client. 

what to expect

Course Outline

Learn how to create an automated inquiry response email that is high value and authentic. 

Provide that personal touch to inspire more confidence in booking you by crafting a valuable response that gets people on the phone.

Learn the essentials to making follow up emails valuable, easy and repeatable in your business. 

Say good bye to ghosting by taking control of the process (and potentially winning a few last minute clients in the process). 

We share our final thoughts and some next steps for you to take to get even more results in your business. 

The course also includes FREE email templates to get you started!

"I saw a major uptick in clients responding to emails and scheduling calls..."

- Ryan R.

student love

Our course is designed to help you make quick and easy strides to better the conversion rate you have with already inquiring clients. 

Just think of what a few more bookings could mean for your bottom line, your lifestyle, and your peace of mind?

Let’s fix your emails so you can get more scheduled consults.

yes, Let's do this!

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