100 Wedding Photography Blog Ideas – Get Found by Your Ideal Client

One of the biggest sticking points for wedding photographers is blogging. 

It’s one of those things that many people know is important for a larger marketing strategy, but it can be time consuming and boring (yeah, we went there!). 

To help make blogging a little easier for you, we’ve put together a list of wedding photography blog ideas that can help inspire you to produce more engaging content that will get you found by your ideal clients. 

The 5 Most Essential Blog Topics for Wedding Photographers to Get New Clients

While we will be featuring a ton of blog post ideas for wedding photographers in this post, we wanted to start things off by simply highlighting the 5 most essential ones that every wedding photographer should be creating. 

These are the content types that will have the highest conversions into paying clients and are typically pretty easy to put together with little to no additional research required. 

1). Blog your recent wedding and session work

Out of all the wedding photographer blog ideas we’ll be sharing with you today, the most important is simply blogging the work you do for your current clients. 

In our experience, the impact of these types of blogs is very high because they will be targeting specific locations in your target market. 

When you blog a recent wedding (for example), any couples who get married at that venue (or are thinking about it) have the potential to come across your work as a photographer if you optimize your post for the right keywords. 

In our businesses, we’ve brought in a ton of inquiries thanks to these well optimized blog posts and can easily track more than $100,000 in booked revenue as a result of couples finding us naturally through search. 

Does blogging all of your weddings and sessions feel too much like a chore? Reach out today and let us take this off your plate. 

At Shoot & Thrive, we help wedding and portrait photographers get their SEO right, and blog for those who struggle to keep up with it or don’t know how. Investing in your blogging is the best way to ensure long term growth of your inquiries and bookings, since once a post is live, it can bring in new opportunities again-and-again!

2). Make a wedding venue directory

Picture this – you create a well curated directory of wedding venues in your area. 

Your website becomes not just a place people go to look for a wedding photographer, but to help them find a venue (something that’s usually done before the search for a photographer!).

Content like this gives your clients an opportunity to engage with your brand and services before they even are considering hiring a photographer. 

We have created a massive wedding venue directory to showcase venues through Pennsylvania (where we are based), and the results have been stunning. 

  • Increased search traffic
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Increased leads from clients in our local market
  • Increased bookings and revenue

3). Create write ups on specific wedding venues you love

We love highly specific, localized search traffic because that is going to be the most likely to convert into paying clients for you. 

We especially love placing some focus on wedding venues, since it gives you the opportunity to target keywords your clients will be searching as they look for a venue. 

As a bonus, you can also take these blog posts and share them with the venues themselves – which can sometimes lead to getting on their vendor list. 

4). Make lists of your favorite engagement session locations

One of the most underrated blog posts for wedding photographers is creating engagement session location lists. 

These are posts that a potential client might find before they’re even engaged (while it’s still a bit of a fantasy), and it has the added benefit of giving you more search traffic for a lot of localized traffic. 

Examples of content you might make:

  • 10 Best Engagement Photo Locations in Denver, Colorado
  • 5 Great Pennsylvania Waterfall Engagement Session Spots
  • 25 Best Parks for Engagement Sessions in California

In 2022, we claimed the top spot for Google search for engagement locations in New Jersey with this post. It brings in 5,000 – 10,000 views per year, and many inquiries for couples who are recently engaged or looking to hire a photographer for their engagement session or wedding.

5). Highlight top vendors in your market area

Making blog content like this is about building trust by association. 

When you talk about the best florists, DJs, videographers, caterers, etc. in your area – you are actually sharing hugely valuable info with a potential bride & groom. When they see your recommendations are really reputable and do great work, they’ll remember you gave that info out to them, and book you too!

These blogs are also great to share with those vendors as a way of networking. Sometimes, you’ll even wind up on their vendor lists because so few photographers go out of their way to do something that benefits other vendors in this kind of way!

Examples of content:

  • Top 10 Wedding Florists in Pennsylvania
  • The Best Wedding DJ’s in the USA
  • The Best 25 Videographers in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Be the Expert – Provide Wedding Advice for Couples

In this section, we’re going to highlight more blog topics for wedding photographers that are focused on education, providing valuable information and bringing in targeted search traffic to your website. 

When providing advice to couples, this will typically focus on wedding and engagement session planning tips, thoughts on how to make for better photos, and similar. 

This is your opportunity to share information that positions you as an expert in the field of wedding photography. 

As a pro-tip: this kind of content is also great to package up and share in different ways. For example, you could convert some of these blog suggestions into freebies to share with newly inquiring couples or send out an email blast to all of your current clients with this content helping educate them as they continue their planning.

  • How to select a wedding photographer
  • How to choose a wedding videographer
  • How to put together a family photo list to make it quick & painless
  • Benefits of taking engagement photos
  • What to look for before booking a venue
  • Advice for booking a florist
  • Tips for booking a band 
  • Tips for booking a DJ
  • Tips for hiring a catering service
  • Engagement session style guide
  • How to incorporate engagement photos into your wedding day
  • The best wedding album layouts
  • Advice on choosing the perfect photos for the wedding album
  • Blog post on choosing props for engagement pictures
  • Why you should print your photos
  • Should you have a first look at your wedding?
  • RAW images vs. edited images
  • Collection of former client testimonials with tips for newlyweds
  • Your own advice and tips on wedding planning
  • Best questions to ask a wedding photographer before you hire them
  • List of local venues that have good rainy ceremony options
  • Suggestions for taking outdoor portraits
  • Things your couple might regret not doing on their wedding day
  • How to securely store your wedding images (USB, hard drive, cloud storage options)
  • How to get amazing getting ready pics
  • Why you should do an anniversary shoot
  • How to hire a photographer for the engagement proposal
  • How to prepare for a hot summer wedding
  • Wedding inspiration from different seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall)
  • How many hours of wedding photography do you need?
  • Do you need two photographers on the wedding day?
  • A guide to planning the wedding timeline
  • Why photo booths are cool to have at your reception
  • Ceremony traditions to know about
  • Weddings throughout history
  • Planning for perfect detail shots
  • Planning for sunset portraits
  • Write about the best time to book a wedding photographer (months before the final date)
  • Tips for having a relaxed wedding day
  • Talk about wedding photography myths
  • Wedding music playlist ideas
  • Ceremony reading suggestions
  • How to have a wedding on a budget
  • The most essential photos every couple should have on their wedding day
  • How to keep the dance floor going all night long!
  • How to ensure your photographer and videographer work in coordination on your big day
  • How to share wedding photos with guests
  • Posing advice for taking great photos
  • How to incorporate kids into your wedding photos
  • Skincare routine before wedding photography
  • How to prepare for wedding photos with your pet(s)
  • Should you make a toast at your own wedding
  • Wedding makeup mistakes to avoid
  • How to safely remove your makeup
  • How to pick a makeup look that complements your wedding theme and color palette
  • How to incorporate florals into your wedding aesthetic
  • Flower crown inspiration
  • What is a groom’s cake?
  • Can you save and freeze the top layer of the cake?
  • How to write the perfect wedding toast
  • Songs you can ask your band or DJ to play when walking down the aisle
  • How to plan a virtual wedding
  • How to budget for your wedding
  • How to create a preferred shot list (for couples)
  • Pre-Wedding Checklist
  • Recommended honeymoon destinations

Share Your Personal Experiences in Your Blogs – Connect with Your Audience

For wedding photographers who want to have a more personal connection with their potential clients, writing blogs that share more about your personal life can be a great way to engage them. 

The best approach to sharing personal things is to make sure that it still remains on brand. Pretend that you are speaking to your ideal client avatar like a friend – what kind of things would you want to share with them?

  • Daily travel breakdowns
  • Journal entries documenting your life
  • Share your favorite recipes
  • Talk about your favorite hobbies to personally connect with your audience
  • Recommended restaurants in your area
  • Best meditation podcasts you tried out
  • Share your favorite music playlists on Spotify
  • Blog about your pregnancy journey and parenthood
  • Talk about the best diets you tried out
  • Recommended workout routines to stay in shape
  • Talk about personal goals you’ve set for the year

Creating Wedding Photography Blogs for Other Photographers – Expand Your Audience

Lastly, some great blog topics for wedding photographers can be to talk to other photographers. This is a way to expand your audience even further within the industry.

  • Best wedding photography tips
  • Reviews of your camera gear
  • Compare camera models
  • Answer common questions about photography
  • Share your top Lightroom presets for editing
  • Interview other wedding photographers
  • How to get photography clients
  • Tutorial on how to take wedding ring photos
  • Best gifts for photographers
  • Book reviews of business books
  • Book reviews for photography education
  • Tips for taking engagement photos of couples
  • Tips for posing couples
  • Tips for posing families on the wedding day
  • Tips for photographing bridal party/groomsmen
  • Best camera settings for weddings
  • Wedding day walk through
  • How to make black and white photo edits that look great


We hope this list of wedding photography blog post ideas helps stir some inspiration to help you create new blog posts of your own. 

Still need help getting your blog running so you can get more clients who want to work with you? With Shoot & Thrive, you’ll spend less time blogging, and more time doing what you love! Reach out today to get started

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