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Getting Alt Text for Photographers Right! Alt text is hugely valuable to implement into your web pages that contain images and other graphic elements. This is because with alt text, it can help your website be more friendly to search engines, as well as users with slow internet speeds and some disabilities. Alt text for […]

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Most discussions you find about wedding photography pricing in the industry talks about how to price your photo services, but few actually look at how you relay this pricing information to your prospective clients once you’ve got that initial inquiry in your inbox.  While your actual prices need to make sense, how you share your […]

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Whether you just started your photography business, or have been in the industry for a few years, we’re going to teach you the fundamentals of wedding photography marketing.  Included in this post will be free tips and advice we’ve used to grow our wedding photography businesses to full time income generators that keep us happy […]

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We are going to teach you how to choose a name for your photography business while taking into the account the things we’ve seen work and not work over the years.  Unlike most articles you will read on this topic, we are professional photographers that have been in our respective industries for over 20+ years […]

With over 20+ years of experience as wedding photographers, we have a ton of experience going to weddings, filling up SD cards with tons of images, then narrowing those down into a final gallery we deliver to our wedding clients.  One of the biggest questions that remains top of mind, both for clients looking to […]

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In this Pic-Time review, we will be discussing everything you need to know about this online gallery platform designed to share professional image sets with portrait & wedding photography clients.  We began using Pic-Time in its infancy, and since then it has grown to be a very impactful force in the professional photography industry – […]

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