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Our Recommended Contract Templates for Photographers

As a photographer, one of the most important aspects of your business is ensuring that your agreements with clients are clear, comprehensive, and legally binding. A well-drafted contract not only protects your rights and interests but also helps establish expectations and prevent misunderstandings. 

To assist you in this aspect of your photography business, we’ve compiled a list of recommended contract templates for photographers from reputable sources online. These recommendations come from our personal experiences (products we use and love), as well as additional resources we’ve compiled that look to be well regarded by photographers around the internet. 

Things to Think About When Buying a Contract Template

Contract templates can be useful purchases for your business, but will never completely take away the benefit of working with an actual lawyer to make sure you are covering all of your bases legally. While we love doing what we can to keep our business overhead low (so we can take home more profit), some expenses pay off time-and-again and this includes legal guidance. 

Pre-made contracts can provide you a lot of value, especially when compared to the costs of having a lawyer draft you a fresh contract from scratch. It can also save you some of the headache that can come with looking for the “right” lawyer to help with your business, especially if you are able to select contracts that have been pre-made with the photography industry ins-and-outs in mind. 

If you choose to buy a contract template online, great! 

We recommend that you just do a few things after purchasing:

  • Read through the contract and make sure you understand what it’s saying. We see a lot of instances where photographers will buy a contract, then have things in it questioned by their clients – and not know what to do. You want a contract that you can feel confident in, and part of this means having one that is easy enough to read (in layman’s terms). 
  • Make sure there is nothing obvious to you that is missing. Is the contract template covering all of the most important things you can think of? Not sure what should be in your contract? You can read our blog post of Important Things to Include In Your Photography Service Contracts. 
  • Have your template reviewed by a local lawyer to make sure all of the terms apply in your jurisdiction. This one’s important (and most photographers probably skip this step, too). A pre-made contract template can do wonders, but may not be fully enforceable where you live and work. Most contract providers stipulate that they actually recommend that you have it reviewed by a local business lawyer to confirm its validity and make changes if needed. 

With these things in mind, let’s get into our recommended photography business contract templates!

Disclaimer: We are not legal professionals and provide these recommendations “as is” based on our personal experiences and the reputation of these businesses. For specific legal and contract advice, we always recommend consulting with a lawyer familiar with where you live and work. 

The Law Tog

The Law Tog is a popular resource for legally legit contract templates tailored specifically for photographers. They offer a variety of contract templates covering different aspects of photography services, including portrait sessions, weddings, commercial shoots, and more. Their templates are created by an attorney who specializes in working with photographers, ensuring they address common issues and concerns in the industry.

Recommended Templates:

  • Portrait Photography Contract
  • Wedding Photography Contract
  • Commercial Photography Contract

Website: The Law Tog

The Legal Paige

The Legal Paige is another popular photographer focused contract template brand. They stand out as a trusted resource in the industry. With a deep understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding photography services, The Legal Paige provides a range of meticulously crafted contracts covering various aspects of the profession.

Recommended Templates:

  • Portrait Photography Template
  • Wedding Photography Template

Website: The Legal Paige

The Contract Shop

The Contract Shop provides customizable contract templates for various businesses, including photographers. Their templates are designed by legal professionals and are regularly updated to comply with the latest laws and regulations. They offer contracts for different types of photography services, as well as bundles that include additional legal documents such as model releases and print release forms.

Recommended Templates:

  • Photography Services Agreement
  • Event Photography Contract
  • Photography Business Bundle (includes multiple contracts and legal documents)

Website: The Contract Shop

Found Legal

Found Legal specializes in providing easy to customize contract templates for creative businesses including photographers, videographers, and similar. 

Recommended Templates:

  • Event Photographers and Videographers Agreement
  • Model Release Form
  • Independent Contractor Agreement

Website: Found Legal

Photography Spark

Photography Spark offers a range of resources and tools for photographers, including contract templates and business guides. Their contract templates are easy to customize and come with helpful explanations to guide you through the process. In addition to standard photography contracts, they also offer templates for more specialized services such as drone photography and photo booth rentals.

Recommended Templates:

  • Standard Photography Contract
  • Drone Photography Contract
  • Photo Booth Rental Agreement

Website: Photography Spark


ShootProof, a popular online gallery and sales platform for photographers, also offers a selection of contract templates as part of their services. Their templates are integrated into their platform, making it easy to create, send, and manage contracts alongside your client galleries and orders. While their selection may not be as extensive as some dedicated legal resources, their templates are well-designed and user-friendly.

Recommended Templates:

  • Photography Services Agreement
  • Print Release Form

Website: ShootProof


LegalZoom is a well-known provider of legal services and documents for small businesses and individuals. While they don’t specialize specifically in photography contracts, they offer general contract templates that can be customized to suit your needs. This can be a more affordable option for photographers who only need basic contracts and are comfortable making minor adjustments themselves.

Recommended Templates:

  • General Photography Contract
  • Independent Contractor Agreement

Website: LegalZoom

ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers)

The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) is a respected organization dedicated to supporting professional photographers nationwide.Through its website, ASMP offers a range of invaluable resources, including a collection of comprehensive contract templates and legal documents tailored to the unique needs of photographers. These documents cover essential aspects such as project scope, payment terms, copyright ownership, and model and property release permissions. ASMP’s contract templates provide photographers with the necessary tools to establish clear agreements with clients, protect their rights, and navigate legal complexities with confidence and professionalism in the dynamic field of photography.

Recommended Templates:

  • Standard Photography Contract
  • Work Made For Hire Agreement
  • Model Release Form

Website: ASMP

PetaPixel Contract Maker

PetaPixel Contract Maker offers a streamlined solution for photographers seeking professionally crafted contracts tailored to various photography services. The platform provides users with customizable templates for key contract types, including Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Event Photography, and Commercial Photography contracts. Each template is designed to address the specific needs and nuances of its respective niche, covering essential elements such as project details, payment terms, usage rights, and liability provisions. 

With PetaPixel Contract Maker, photographers can efficiently generate legally sound contracts that help establish clear expectations, protect their interests, and foster positive client relationships across a range of photography specialties.

Recommended Templates:

  • Portrait Photography Contract
  • Wedding Photography Contract
  • Event Photography Contract
  • Commercial Photography Contract

Website: PetaPixel Contract Maker

Shake by LegalShield

Shake by LegalShield is a user-friendly online platform that offers a range of legal documents and contract templates tailored to various industries, including photography. Photographers can access professionally drafted legal documents to streamline their operations, protect their interests, and maintain professional standards in their business endeavors.

Recommended Templates:

  • Photography Services Agreement
  • Model Release Form
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

Website: Shake by LegalShield


Pixifi is a comprehensive platform catering to the needs of photographers, offering a suite of tools and resources to streamline their business operations. With Pixifi, photographers can access professionally crafted templates to establish transparent agreements, protect their work, and maintain professionalism in their business dealings, ultimately facilitating smoother client interactions and enhancing overall efficiency.

Recommended Templates:

  • Photography Contract
  • Print Release Form
  • Second Shooter Agreement

Website: Pixifi


Lightfolio is a fairly new CRM platform for photographers that also provide a selection of free contract templates for photographers to get started. The options here seem to be a fine starting point, but you will want to expand the contracts to suit your needs. As a free option on this list, this might be best suited for complete beginners who just want a really simple legal document in place while they work to get together more budget for a more expansive contract. 

Recommended Templates:

  • Wedding Photography Contract
  • Engagement Shoot Contract
  • Portrait Photography Contract

Website: Lightfolio

Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is a leading trade association dedicated to supporting professional photographers and promoting excellence in the industry. While PPA offers a wide range of resources and benefits to its members, including educational programs, insurance options, and networking opportunities. If you are a member, you also get access to some specific contract templates for photographers as a part of the benefits of joining. 

Another reason PPA is great is because they also provide educational materials to help photographers navigate the business side of their profession, including advice on contracts, copyright, and legal matters. They are also advocates for photographers’ rights and interests at a legislative level, working to protect copyright laws and address industry issues. 

Recommended Templates:

  • Wedding Contract
  • Portrait Contract

Website: PPA


Before using any contract template, it’s important to carefully review and customize it to reflect the specifics of your business and the services you offer. If you have any questions or concerns about a contract, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified attorney who can provide personalized advice based on your individual circumstances.

By utilizing these recommended contract templates, you can help protect your rights, clarify expectations with clients, and ensure the smooth operation of your photography business. Remember, investing time and effort into creating thorough and legally sound contracts now can save you from headaches and disputes down the road.

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