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13 Best Affiliate Programs for Photographers to Make Extra Income

We include links to affiliate programs for photographers in this post that we may earn a commission on. We only recommend companies and products we use. 

If you’re looking to add a new revenue stream to your business, you’ll want to look through these best affiliate programs for photographers

We have used affiliate offers to grow our wedding photography businesses by adding a new revenue channel that can become pretty passive. When incorporated well into your business, you can make a good amount of extra money from just selling other people’s products and services. 

You may even find affiliate programs for photographers on the things you already use and love!

Best Photography Affiliate Programs  

1). Your CRM platform

Many customer relationship management platforms will have their own affiliate programs. 

These are great affiliate programs particularly for photographers who are already using a particular CRM – as you will have more experience to educate others on what to expect with that platform.

Examples of CRMs for photographers:

  • Honeybook
  • Tave
  • Dusbado

As long-term users of Honeybook for our photography businesses, we are able to offer special discounts and promotions to people who sign up to use the platform. Anyone who signs up and subscribes to a paid plan after a trial period receive discounts on their sub, and we get paid a commission. 

We know many other CRMs also offer similar special offers just for referring them.

Some simple ways to recommend your CRM organically include…

  • Blog posts like [YOUR CRM] for Photographers
  • Inclusion on your Resources page
  • Incorporation into YouTube videos
  • Suggested in webinars and online courses

2). Amazon

Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the most popular you will find online for good reason. Any products sold by Amazon, you can refer people to and earn a commission. 

For photographers, this is really great because you can easily recommend all types of things other photographers might want to buy such as…

  • Camera equipment like lenses, flashes, etc.
  • Photography and business books
  • Computers for your office
  • Photo editing software

The downside of Amazon’s affiliate program is commissions can be low depending on the category. 

When we use Amazon affiliate links, we prioritize products that are higher value like professional cameras. 

3). AI Software Companies for Photographers

In the past few years, the rise of artificial intelligence in the processing of images for photographers has become a booming thing. With good AI tools, photographers can more quickly cull and edit their images. 

Some example companies in this space:

  • Imagen AI
  • Aftershoot

4). Your Online Gallery Host

For photographers providing online galleries to their clients, many of these providers also have referral programs. In our experience, programs range from free months of storage for you to actual cash payouts. 

Examples of online galleries for photographers:

  • Pic-Time
  • Pixieset
  • Shootproof

5). Basic Invite

For wedding photographers, recommending Basic Invite is a great way to earn some extra money from your current wedding clients. If you don’t know, Basic Invite is an online invitation design & ordering company that allows couple’s to buy wedding invites, thank you cards, and more. 

With Basic Invite, you can get set up with an affiliate offer that gives you 20% of all sales made. So if a client buys $200 in wedding invites, you pocket $40. 

6). Adorama / B&H Photo

Adorama and B&H Photo are two of the biggest businesses in the photography equipment space. While they are primarily online retailers, they do also have amazing stores set up in NYC for those in the area. 

Both companies offer affiliate programs. What is great about them is that these are two big, trusted names in this space – so many photographers are already familiar with buying things from them. 

Similar to Amazon, you’ll be able to sell all types of products they offer including:

  • Camera gear like bodies, lenses, flashes, etc.
  • Computers
  • SD Cards and batteries
  • Photo editing software

7). Signature Edits

Signature Edits is a small business that primarily focuses on the sale of their own photo editing products such as Lightroom presets. Their affiliate program is also very generous, offering up to 50% commissions on sales. 

We have personally made thousands in additional revenue through the sale of products they have created. 

Example products you can buy through Signature Edits:

8). Camera Rental Companies

Due to the high cost of camera equipment, many people choose to rent before they buy. As a result, many rental companies have popped up over the years just for this purpose. 

The great thing about camera rental companies as an affiliate offer for your audience is that these are things photographers want, being offered at a lower price point, so you can potentially have higher conversion rates. 

In some circumstances, these companies also offer rent-to-own programs, where you can make commission on the rental as well as on the purchase of the equipment (if the customer chooses to buy it). 

Example camera rental companies:

  • Lens Rentals
  • Borrow Lenses
  • Lens Pro To Go

9). Business contracts for photographers

As photographer wanting to do business will need a contract in place. Instead of going to a lawyer and paying big bucks, many photographers are choosing to use lawyer approved templates. We even use these for our wedding photography businesses!

This is a really high earning space if done right, as many of these companies offer steep commissions (upwards of 30% or more) on products that are in high demand. 

Depending on your audience, you can also find contracts that suite all types of photographers such as:

  • Wedding photographers
  • Portrait photographers
  • Corporate/event photographers
  • 2nd Shooter agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Real Estate photographers

Examples of companies that make contracts for photographers:

  • The Legal Paige
  • The Law Tog

To learn more, we wrote a comprehensive blog post about the 20 things you should have in your wedding photographer contracts.

10). Creative Live Marketplace

Creative Live is one of the best online marketplaces for finding digital assets for easily creating your photography branding. You can buy things like color swatches, pre-made graphics, website designs, and more. 

11). Website Templates

Any photographer wanting to create a website to showcase their work and get clients will want to make a website. While this can be done from scratch using platforms like Showit, Squarespace or WordPress – many photographers opt to buy pre-made templates that do a lot of the hard work for them.

Examples of website template businesses that cater to creatives & photographers:

  • Dave and Krista
  • With Grace and Gold
  • Blissful Brands

12). Photography client gifts

Last up – a great affiliate program for photographers are client gifting services. We’ve used these before to send client gift boxes that look great and feel genuine. You can recommend these services to other photographers, and in exchange earn credits towards future purchases or straight up commissions (depending on the site). 

Examples of great photography client gifting services:

  • Boxfox
  • Sugarwish
  • Marigold Grey


We hope you had a great time exploring what we consider to be the best affiliate programs for photographers to make extra money. 

Across all of our photography related businesses and online properties, we recommend products in all of these categories ourselves, and have brought in 10’s of thousands of dollars in additional revenue as a result. 

With an effective business strategy, affiliate marketing for photographers can be a huge additional source of income for you, too!

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