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27 Best Wedding Affiliate Programs – Earn Passive Income as a Wedding Industry Pro

The best wedding affiliate programs will help you earn extra income by selling products your audience will already be needing to buy. 

In this post, we will be highlighting a mix of wedding affiliate programs that include products targeting brides & groom’s to be who will need merchandises like a wedding dress, wedding favors, and similar products for their big day

In addition, we’ll be covering some great wedding affiliate programs for those wedding vendors who are planning to target other wedding vendors in their messaging. For example, we cover a range of affiliate offers that wedding photographers can take advantage of to scale their revenue. 

It is our goal to showcase some of the best affiliate programs in the wedding industry so you can reap the benefits. 

How to Use Wedding Affiliate Programs to Earn More Money

If you’re new to earning money with affiliate programs, consider this a brief tutorial to get you up to speed!

If you are a wedding vendor (photographer, DJ, florist, planner, etc.), you can share products being created by other companies with your clients, and when they buy something, you make a commission.

As a wedding vendor, you also have a second audience that can be really attractive to market to – other wedding vendors. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, you can talk about your favorite CRM, camera equipment, preset packs, and more…adding value to other photographers, and inspiring them to purchase things they may already want ot need. 

The amount of money you can make varies from wedding affiliate program to program. Some have fixed commission rates, while others give you a percentage of sales. 

When identifying the right affiliate marketing programs for wedding vendors to use, we suggest selecting just a few to get started with. Testing their products can be a great way to get some first-hand exposure and make sure you can support sharing with your audience. In general, recognizable brand names (like BHLDN for wedding dress affiliate programs) will be higher converting than a company you’ve never heard of. 

Finally, when using these wedding affiliate programs, you’ll need to sign up and get custom links to their products that you can then host on your website, social media, email marketing campaigns, etc. These links will have a special identifier that tells the program that it’s you who referred a customer.

Wedding Registry Affiliate Programs


Honeyfund is the #1 online wedding gift registry, and a great opportunity to make affiliate sales. If you are a wedding vendor, your clients may very well already need the benefits of a service like this so they can create a wedding gift registry to share with their friends & family. 

Affiliate program commission: $2-3 CPL on new sign ups, 3.5% on gift cards, 90 day cookie duration

Honeymoon Wishes

Honeymoon Wishes is a platform catering to travel agents to create a honeymoon registry website they can share with their clients. Clients can use this registry to help fund “experiences” – so honeymoon travel experiences, instead of the traditional wedding registry. It’s a cool concept and one that can be very lucrative for affiliates!

Affiliate program commission: Earn 20% of the service and handling fees. Because of the way Honeymoon Wishes works (allowing travel agents to whitelabel an already designed registry), there is a one-time fee to join this program. 

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the “classic” affiliate program that can serve pretty much any audience (since Amazon sells basically everything). But did you know – Amazon gives commissions when you bring more users over to their Wedding Registry platform?

Affiliate program commission: $3 flat rate for new registry sign ups

Wedding Planner Affiliate Programs

Beau Coup

Beau Coup sells party favors for special occasions like weddings, bridal shows, and more. Party favors are always popular and generally affordable for even the most budget clients, so making it convenient for them to purchase online can only benefit them (and you!). 

Affiliate program commission: Up to 10% commission, 90 day cookie

Event Planning Blueprint

Event Planning Blueprint offers online courses for event planners (and aspiring event planners). Their affiliate commission rate is high, so definitely worth looking at – especially if you are a wedding planner with an audience of other wedding planners that could use some extra education. 

Affiliate program commission: Up to 40% commission

Wedding Stationary Affiliate Programs

Basic Invite

We have used Basic Invite in the past with our wedding photography businesses to promote a simple, online solution for clients to use to order invitations and thank you cards. As an affiliate, you gain the opportunity to offer a discount to your clients, as well as the ability to earn a commission on sales. 

Affiliate program commission: 20% commission on all sales


Minted is another online, DIY wedding stationary company with competitive commission rates and high-quality products.

Affiliate program commission: 20% commission on all sales, 120 day cookie

Krystals Wedding Invitations (Luckie Design Co)

Krystals Wedding Invitations (now known as Luckie Design Co) is a unique wedding stationary affiliate offer because it’s not an online, DIY service – but rather a bespoke, done for you service that provides affiliate commissions. A great solution for clients wanting a more luxury, hands on experience.

Affiliate program commission: 5 – 10% commission on all orders

Wedding Photographer Affiliate Programs

Signature Edits

Signature Edits is a platform that sells a variety of products and services mostly targeted wedding and portrait photographers including Lightroom preset packs, online courses, email templates, and more. With a wide range of products and a steep commission rate, this is a worthwhile affiliate for anyone with an overlapping audience. 

Affiliate program commission: 50% commission


Adorama is one of the major corporations in the photography gear world. You can offer camera equipment and other tech items to your audience. 

Affiliate program commission: 2% base commission, 30 day cookie

B&H Photo Video

B&H is another major corporation in the world of photography equipment. Similar to Adorama, you’ll have free range over selection of camera gear and related products to pitch to your audience. 

Affiliate program commission: 2% base commission, 30 day cookie

Sprout Studio

Sprout Studio is a “one stop shop” for running a photography business online. It includes a CRM, online gallery host, online shop, scheduler, email marketing, contracts, invoices, analytics and more. 

Affiliate program commission: 15% commission


SmugMug is an online gallery platform designed for professional photographers to showcase their client’s images. Within the online gallery is an integrated storefront, so clients can also purchase print products through you. 

Affiliate program commission: 15% commission


Pixpa is an online platform focused on helping photographers design a portfolio website and share client galleries. 

Affiliate program commission: $216 flat commission

BeArt Presets

BeArt Presets, as the name implies, is focused on selling Lightroom presets and related products to photographers. 

Affiliate program commission: 30% commission

Borrow Lenses

Borrow Lenses is a camera lens rental company. This is a desirable product in the world of photography because of how cost prohibitive high end, pro camera gear can be. Renting can be a great way to identify if a certain lens will work well for you. 

Affiliate program commission: 10% commission

Wedding Favors Affiliate Programs

My Wedding Favors

My Wedding Favors is a website dedicated to selling wedding favors. Wedding couples can benefit from this as a one-stop shop for getting all of their’s online, with a large selection of options. 

Affiliate program commission: 7-12% commission, 90 day cookie

Wedding Dress & Attire Affiliate Programs


BHLDN is one of the world’s best wedding dress maker. Their dresses are consistently stylish and beautiful. Many wedding clients are already browsing through their dresses, so why not share your own referral link?

Affiliate program commission: 2% (existing customer), 4% (new customer), 14 day cookie

The Dessy Group

The Dessy Group offers a wide selection of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and more. This is a great affiliate program if you’re looking to showcase a variety of wedding dresses to your audience. 

Affiliate program commission: 5% commission, 365 day cookie

House of Brides

Similar to the program above, House of Brides offers a selection of wedding dresses and related products. 

Affiliate program commission: 4% commission, 120 day cookie

Nearly Newlywed

While at it’s core Nearly Newlywed just sells wedding dresses (from most major designers), one unique attribute is the ability for bride’s to sell their dress through the platform when their wedding has past. Affiliates can also promote this service and make commissions on not just the sale of new dresses, but these lightly used dresses, too!

Affiliate program commission: Varies

General Wedding Affiliate Programs

Blush Makeup Cosmetics

Blush is a popular makeup brand. A wedding makeup artist could have a field day with this type of affiliate, as well as any wedding vendor writing up a blog post about dressing for the big day. 

Affiliate program commission: 10% commission

Appy Couple

Take everything you know about weddings and put it on an app. Appy Couple offers a variety of digital products such as RSVPs, digital invites and photo sharing services for after the wedding. It’s an increasingly popular app for brides and grooms to be to use to connect their family and friends with their big day. 

Affiliate program commission: $10 – $30 per sale, 120 day cookie

The Wedding Hashers

One struggle many couple’s have when it comes to planning their wedding day is…deciding on their hashtag. You know – that mixture of fun, funny, quirky and their combined names in a hashtag format. As silly as it sounds, The Wedding Hashers has made this into a full blown service. 

Affiliate program commission: 15% commission, 30 day cookie

General Wedding Professionals Affiliate Opportunities

Your CRM

Most CRM platforms (customer relationship managers) offer referral opportunities. A few we know exist include:

  • Honeybook
  • Tave
  • Dubsado

These are generally high earning referrals and a great way to recommend a service you are already using to other professionals. 

Affiliate program commission: Varies

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising offers prints, wedding albums, and similar physical products. 

Affiliate program commission: 10% commission, 180 day cookie

Wrapping it Up

We hope you’ve found this article on the best wedding affiliate programs to be eye opening to some of the big opportunities available to you. Whether you are just a wedding photographer or other vendor looking for ways to expand your earnings with your current clients, or wanting to share some useful products and services with your fellow vendors, these referral programs can give you opportunities to make some extra cash for things people are probably already going to be needing to purchase anyways.

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